How a team can make or break a startup.


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Anonymous at 14:48 on 6 Feb 2015

Interesting talk on building great teams. Should use a bigger font for the quotes. It was hard to read in the back.

Good talk on an important subject. I think it would have helped to have examples or scenarios at the beginning and saving the principles for later, to give them context. Also, a summary at the beginning would be great.

Anonymous at 17:43 on 6 Feb 2015

Felt a bit patronizing when talking about the code style conflict between two developers, callous when talking about letting developers go, and confused about "rituals" versus "development practices" (daily scrum isn't a ritual, it's a communication tool).

Anonymous at 13:54 on 7 Feb 2015

Good presentation skills, and it's clear that Poornima has great real-world experience. However, I didn't come away with much that was new to me.

Poornima is an excellent speaker, her slides were professional, and I enjoyed the story-telling nature of her delivery. Her anecdotal experiences working with start-ups were great learning experiences, and I'm glad she shared them with us. I feel like the biggest take-away for me was how important culture is to a company and how it can make or break the company.

Very professional and polished, but it felt like Poorinam's treatment of creating company culture is too much rooted in startup culture, and ultimately to some extent it seemed like her solution to when things go sour is "our way or the highway" masked in potentially self-serving rhetoric that it would be better for the out-of-sync team member's own needs. That has greater validity if you're under 30, have no dependents, financial resources to cushion a fall and a skillset that is in high demand immediately - in short, if you're an entitled young professional.

A great talk with good motivational call-to-action moments.

One minor remark: sometimes the fonts were hard to read in the back of the room

I was quite pleased with this session, as team culture is a topic I've been struggling with the past year. Poornima gave not only some high-level principles, but also detailed them in action through real-world examples from her own experience leading teams or coaching teams. I had several takeaways that I'll be implementing.

I unfortunately missed this, are the slides available?

I am a big advocate of building the right team with the right culture. It is difficult to do, but the rewards are worth it.

Found them

Anonymous at 18:10 on 10 Feb 2015

People always ask me, "what is your company culture like?" Maybe now with Poornima's ideas I could actually explain it better.

Poornima gave an excellent talk with a lot of good stories.

Thanks Poornima this Keynote couldn't be better, you address a lot of true facts that happen on teams thanks for the tips !