PHP and teams, it's good chemistry!


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Loving the improvements to PHP 7!

Does anyone have the link to the slides from his talk?

good talk about php 7. performance comparisons were most interesting. stuff about oxytocin seemed a bit forced though.

Here's the vagrant box that he demo'd:

Good point of view of teams, collaboration, and a first approach to PHP7.

Great brief overview of the last 20 years of php and the features and performance gains that are going in on PHP 7.

Slides, for the comment asking, can be found here:

Great to see new changes in PHP performance & thank you for the testing VMs

Oxytocine + php7 + virtual machine for testing!!

Nice catchup on php7. It's rasmus so pretty similar to most of his talks.

Nice overview of what's coming in PHP7. And lots of information about the performance improvements.

I like the vm, will be using it.

Great to see the benchmarks done showing the performance gains coming in php7

I enjoyed hearing about the future of PHP from it's creator.

I am all over that Vagrant box and have already begun planting the upgrade seed at work.

Thanks for another great keynote, Rasmus!

Anonymous at 13:49 on 7 Feb 2015

A great talk - but totally ignored the suggested topic. Fine by me!

First Rasmus talk I've attended live. Great stuff overall.

I liked how Rasmus touched on his initial open source experiences in releasing PHP to the world 20 years ago. I also enjoyed his observations on why people contribute to open source. As usual, his content was spot on, covering his own personal benchmarks, as well as new features coming in PHP 7.

Enjoyable talk, but didn't really cover the topic - as a keynote I guess thats OK though.

Can't wait for PHP 7!

Great overview of what is coming in PHP7. Also enjoyed the QA session afterwards.

Excellent talk got me excited for what's ahead in PHP 7.