Symfony2 - The Very Basics


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Anonymous at 16:58 on 6 Feb 2015

Hi, could you post the slides

Great overview!

Here are the slides from the talk:

Hi Margaret!

Excellent talk. This was really good for getting started using Symfony. Your presentation skills are excellent and your passion and humor shows. Very good for holding people's attention. Please keep presenting, because you are good at it!

- Ken

Great overview presented almost like a case study.

Lorna Mitchell at 12:03 on 7 Feb 2015

energetic, informative and engaging even on quite a dry topic - I really enjoyed this talk and also took a lot of seriously technical notes. If you wanted to make it even better, please make your fonts a lot bigger, and repeat audience questions before answering them - but these are small details and I'll be looking out for opportunities to hear you speak again :)

Anonymous at 14:04 on 7 Feb 2015

Quite an entertaining talk. At the end I was pretty excited to give Symfony a try. While my experience is in other PHP frameworks, I feel like I could dive into an existing Symfony app and at least know where to look for the basics, like "how is this page built" from nothing but a URL. Margaret did a great job of making Symfony seem approachable for anyone who does a little bit of coding in PHP.

Wow, great talk. I really feel like I got a good tour of Symfony. Clearly it was a toe-dipping, but I think that was the point, and Margaret made Symfony seem less like an imposing edifice of enterprisey befuddlement and more like "hey, here's this amazing tool that's easy to use, and there's great docs and friendly folks to help."

Seeing the walk-through of how she learned to use Symfony helped demystify some of the more difficult to understand topics.