How To Cope When It All Hits the Fan


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Amazing slides, amazing speaker!
Lot of experience and knowledge in the stage shared with the attendees.
Thanks :)

Thank you for your insight, this was a great talk.

Without a doubt one of the best presentations of the conference! Eryn's talk was very well written and paced. Every talk should start with a brief summary of what will follow like her's did.

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Anonymous at 14:37 on 7 Feb 2015

Good talk, well paced.
Not the kind of talk I would actively seek out, so i can't be very critical of the content as it is out of my experiences.

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Sonny Savage at 14:48 on 7 Feb 2015


Eryn is an amazing speaker and presenter, and I enjoyed how the talk told a story. It inspired me to write better talks and tell better stories. Thanks for sharing!

Great talk! So often it's hard to get devs to consider the human element and this really made me think a bit about how I respond to negative events.

Seriously energizing presentation. Eryn is amazingly good at this. Plus the info plays in directly both our needs as a growing company, and with HIPAA privacy & security policies we're working on as well. Thanks!

Good talk, great slides.

Great keynote! Can't say enough good things.

I had experience with incident plans from working in the maintenance shop (& later the IT department) of a manufacturing plant. I had never thought to implement similar things to development shops.

First off, I plan on shanghai-ing Eryn's designer, because the slides were excellent!

But pretty slides are only one part of a story, and cannot make up for a bad story. Fortunately, Eryn had excellent stories to tell, and profound points to make. The big takeaway: the coding aspect of development is only a small part of any project; it's understanding the people we work with and empathizing with their motivations that will enable success.

Great tips on how to manage process and clients when things go wrong. Loved the (sanitized) real world stories about how her and her team coped.

Might recommend changing some of the font colors, many of the pictures with white text blended into the wonderful background images (could have also been the projector's fault). Didn't detract from the overall talk though.

This was a great keynote, and it brought back so many memories from when I worked at an agency. Thank you for sharing real world examples.

Eryn was a great speaker. Her advice about the power of checklists and 'commander's intent' will be something I remember for a long time.

I have some experiences a lot of my doubts and questions you expose it in your Keynote, thanks !!