Tuning Nginx And PHP-FPM The Right Way


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As usual, great talk. Learned something.

Lot's of useful inside tweaking info that you do not get easily otherwise.

Sonny Savage at 16:01 on 6 Feb 2015

Excellent coverage, including pitfalls.

Learned a bunch. Great talk.

Delivery A little too loose for my taste but otherwise good content.

Note to self, always go to the bathroom before presenting.

Good overview and good tweaks

Anonymous at 17:31 on 6 Feb 2015

Technically dense, but a bad idea for me to attend when carb coma kicked in. Presenter clearly knows the subject, but the presentation nearly lulled me to sleep. I also blame the warm room.

Anonymous at 17:56 on 6 Feb 2015

Very educational talk. Thank you.

Goes deep into tunning nginx. This guy really knows what he is talking about. The internet lies.

Very informative talk.

Fantastic talk - had a blast and learned a lot. While I rated the talk a 5 (because it was so good), I think it can be improved with some examples (or perhaps demos?) of performance improvements before and after the various tweaks. Yeah yeah... benchmarks lie, but since they'd be comparing Nginx against itself with a different configuration, I think there'd be some value.

Anonymous at 13:58 on 7 Feb 2015

A very good overview of tuning Nginx. I would have liked more depth on configuring PHP-FPM, especially as that applies to other web servers as well. While this session didn't sell me on switching everything to Nginx, I certainly understand more about why people are using it.

Awesome talk. Amazing amount of actionable info in the short time available. Exactly what I was hoping for.

Super informative, and really nice how Evan dispelled many "best practices" suggested online. Great content that can immediately be put into practice.

Great talk with plenty of examples. Excellent info dispelling common practices that are just wrong. Thanks!

Good talk and lots of information and examples.

Anonymous at 18:50 on 11 Feb 2015

Enjoyed the behind the scenes config setup of NGINX thank Evan for the info will def help save time and frustration when configuring my next setup.