Talk comments

I learned about some tools for checking vulnerabilities. Lisa is very knowledgeable and will be a good resource for follow up questions. She did a great job!

Creative presentation. The programming language comparisons were interesting.

The best keynote of the conference! Samantha's presentation was packed with a lot of interesting history and facts, but presented in a humorous and entertaining way. She is a good story teller. Down to earth. Funny. I enjoyed it very much.

Very enjoyable! Great connection with the audience. I learned stuff too, but that was just a bonus.

I enjoyed the panel and appreciate the audience questions.

As I move along the path towards finally attempting testing, I found this talk particularly inspiring and helpful. I feel much better now about how and where to start.

James Titcumb at 04:58 on 10 Feb 2017

I think what I get from this is... 2FA much?

James Titcumb at 04:57 on 10 Feb 2017

A truthful, honest and open exploration into Gary's story which resonates as much with me as I'm sure it does many others.

James Titcumb at 04:56 on 10 Feb 2017

Not much to add here :)

James Titcumb at 04:38 on 10 Feb 2017

Really good insight, explanations and excellently presented. Thanks Elizabeth!