Modern applications increasingly require an API, whether to support rich client-side experiences, mobile apps, or to integrate with other systems, and PHP is evolving to be an excellent tool for this job. This tutorial will cover the fundamentals of building a really excellent and robust API in PHP including how to handle media types, authentication and errors appropriately. We'll use Expressive since it uses the PSR-7 HTTP message interfaces, includes routing and a dependency injection container, and combined with its elegant middleware patterns it makes a very lightweight but solid foundation for our project. During the session you will build your own simple, working API and gain the skills that you can take back to the office to implement APIs of all kinds.


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This was a great talk to learn about up-to-date PHP frameworks. A lot of the principles were directly applicable, but I found some of the implementation and syntax not needed. I think that would've helped for the timing as well since we ran out of time. Overall, good concepts were covered.

Trent Harvey at 18:27 on 8 Feb 2018

Information was useful and current. Easy to understand and follow along. A good primer for anyone new to APIs or a good comprehensive review of fundamentals for someone experienced writing APIs in modern frameworks.

Rob did a great job explaining Expressive and showed lots of good code examples. Having used Expressive already, it was interesting to hear his perspective and explanation about Expressive and how it works and why. The coding activities were good. I would have liked to gone more into leveraging middleware through multiple layers and discussing the impact middleware has with MVC and architecture. Great tutorial.

Andres Orav at 16:01 on 9 Feb 2018

Great presentation about Expressive, got me interested :) Sad, that we ran out of time.

I have a moderate amount of experience with implementing and building APIs but I still came out of this tutorial having learned plenty of new ideas and tips. To me, this is a mark of a successful presentation.

I appreciate that all of the prerequisite code came with a vagrant file. I was basically able to walk in to the tutorial and be run and running in with a perfect environment within minutes.

That being said, there was a lot of content to cover and the time to complete some of the exercises was inadequate. I would suggest for future tutorials to reduce down the slides and even in amount of exercises to allow greater concentration on less content.