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Thursday 27th October 2022

Keynote - roadmap, vision, strategy
Keynote by Łukasz Chruściel in Biz (40 minutes)

What have we achieved so far? Where are we heading?

Brille24 - from zero to a multichannel Sylius shop"
Talk by Maximilian Pesch in Biz (40 minutes)

The leading German optician Brille24 / 4Care migrated seven shops to a new platform built on a headless Sylius setup. See why and how we have completely reworked the shop architecture from an old Magento 1 instance to a new e-commerce stack based on modern Symfony applications

Lights and shadows of BDD in Sylius (and probably other companies as well)
Talk by Mateusz Zalewski in Tech (40 minutes)


Adyen as a strategic Sylius payment partner
Talk by Przemysław Krenczyk in Biz (45 minutes)


How can JSON-LD help you sell more?
Talk by Kevin Dunglas in Tech (40 minutes)

By default, all data exposed by the Sylius API - and by all APIs using API platform - is formatted using JSON-LD, "JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data". This is no accident! Understanding and using JSON-LD can dramatically improve the reach of your offers, and enhance the customer experience. In this talk, we will see how the RDF data model, public vocabularies such as and the JSON-LD format are must-haves for any merchant who cares about SEO, or who wants to have good automatic integration with popular services such as Gmail and Google Calendar.

Sylify - the new Sylius UI powered with Bootstrap
Talk by Stéphane Decock, Luka Smolcic in Biz (40 minutes)

The admin bundle UI has been a pain point in the Sylius community for a while, at our agency we work with Sylius on a daily basis so we formed a small team of designers and developers and decided to tackle that issue. Our aim is to make the Sylius admin bundle easier to maintain and extend. On our journey we faced issues with the coupling of the store front and the admin templates, with legacy dependencies and making our solution work with the existing plugin ecosystem. To see which decisions we took and where did it bring us make sure not to miss our talk.

Sylius as an Infrastructure
Talk by Konrad Alfaro in Tech (40 minutes)

Setting up Sylius is easy. In a few minutes, you can have a shiny new eCommerce ready to accept orders. But… Is it really? You have to get the products from somewhere. And Customers. And maybe export them to some CRM. Adding communication with the WMS would probably be needed as well. And so on... And all of that is fine, as Sylius is meant to be a part of a bigger puzzle! Thanks to its architecture, integrations won’t be a headache. But! There is also a catch. If you want to be always up-to-date with Sylius new releases and use it as an eCommerce engine in your system, you’d better be as little coupled with it as possible. During my talk, I’ll present my ways of being agnostic to Sylius yet using its full potential, allowing you to focus on feature development instead of framework maintenance.

Dinner in Biz (1 hour)

Meat and vegan option

Dinner in Tech (1 hour)

Meat and vegan option

Get a 95+ page speed score of your Sylius store - a case study
Talk by Joachim Loevgaard in Biz (40 minutes)

All ecommerce owners know that speed is a big factor in both your store’s ability to convert visitors to customers, but also to rank better in search results. One of the well known studies of the impact is Amazon’s results from 2009 where every 100ms of latency cost Amazon 1% of their sales. This is an old study, but new studies show similar results. This case study will take you through the steps taken to go from a rather average 50-70 score on Google’s page speed tool to 95+. I will take you through the decisions made and the solutions implemented from the server to PHP to javascript to images. We will discuss how to prioritize your effort and we will zoom in on various tools, libraries, bundles etc., so you will be able to make the same changes in your store!

Design APIs with purpose
Talk by Tomasz Kowalczyk in Tech (40 minutes)

What makes a good API? What makes people *want* to use yours? It doesn't matter if it's REST, RPC, or something else - the API design should start with purpose. Let's talk about API evolution, verifiable consistency, clear description, runnable documentation, implementation architecture, and other techniques to minimize the development effort and ease the integration for our clients. Let's also dispel a few myths about HTTP, while we're at it.

Akoro - a multi-vendor agriculture marketplace from Raiffeisen NetWorld
Talk by Alfons Martin in Biz (40 minutes)

Building and maintaining a state-of-the-art B2B multi-vendor agriculture marketplace system based on Sylius is a unique challenge. This talk will give you interesting insights and case problems featuring Sylius and other used frameworks and technologies, i.e. Symfony, API-Platform, and Kafka.

MongoDB and Sylius - why it’s more than just changing connection strings
Talk by Andreas Braun in Tech (40 minutes)

Migrating from MySQL to PostgreSQL in Sylius is easy - change the connection string and you’ll be good to go. But why isn’t it that easy if you want to use MongoDB? In this talk you’ll learn what sets schema design for MongoDB apart from relational databases, and we’ll take a look at what needs to be done to store Sylius data in MongoDB.

Why is Sylius great for MACH architectures - a real-life example
Talk by Clément Candelier, Elodie Malet in Biz (40 minutes)

MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud, Headless) architecture is developing fast. In this talk, we will cover why Sylius is a great choice in this type of architecture and how you can best use its modularity to connect to your current technology stack and your future solutions. To illustrate this, we shall have a deep dive into the case study of Envie de Fraise - a maternity clothes market leader in France that has recently migrated from PrestaShop to a modern best-of-breed setup with Sylius at its heart.

Sylius with Docker - best practices
Talk by Zbigniew Malcherczyk in Tech (45 minutes)


PHP's Kitchen Nightmares
Talk by Stefan Koopmanschap in Biz (40 minutes)

Remember the Kitchen Nightmares TV show? Chef Ramsay visiting restaurants that are struggling and telling them how to improve, but in the process you see all the bad things happening? Let's head into our development kitchen and look at things that can go wrong, and figure out how to improve. Experience the top-rated PHP talk according to

How do you decide to create a Symfony component?
Talk by Nikolas Grekas in Tech (40 minutes)

If you look at the evolution of Symfony over time, you may wonder how the core-team decides that a given topic would make a good component? There are existing libraries for almost everything, so why create new ones? How does Symfony get inspired by other projects and does it happen often? Does the fact that Symfony components are used everywhere give them additional features? How are Symfony dependencies chosen? Or more generally: how does the Symfony project interact with other frameworks and libraries? During this conference, I propose to study these questions, to help you understand the underlying reasoning. It will be an opportunity to illustrate the famous "package principles" and maybe give you a better idea of how you can decide to adopt (or rewrite) such or such dependency.