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Compared to the Portland and London offshots the schedule in Berlin was kind of *boring* (no intend to offend single speakers here) and as mentioned several times before there was not enough Symfony in it for an event that calls itself Symfony Live. Liked the concept of partitioning the days into a Symfony Component and Symfony Framework day more.

Also the practice to split an international event (which Symfony Live Berlin has transformed into) into a day of german tracks and one of english tracks was kind of non-international and therefore so "german". Although it seems I missed some individual good talks on day one, which I didn't book to boycott this imo needless and segregative practice.

The venue was cool again (and is secondary anyways), the organization on the conference day itself was perfect, and the catering was okayish.

Might come back next year, but definitely not as a blind bird (like the last two years).

This years event was quite different to the first sfliveBerlin. The talks were somewhat symfony unrelated, but as I've talked to the organizers that clarified (yes just from an abstract you don't really know what you get).

Evaluating the talks singledly I noticed, that the value of each one wasn't really big. They were - for exceptions - somewhat "topic-general" and the base themes were: migrating legacy apps, devops, automatation and measure/profile your apps.

Evaluating all the talks at once I must say, that I was somewhat disappointed. But now I can say that taking all talks together, judging the value of the talks as one I have definitely gained trust. Trust to take all the aforementioned themes, combine them and take of with your projects.

The organization of the conference was perfect again, as last year - for one little point: The food was all over the same. I can only second my pre-poster ftcb, that this is a huge field of improvement. On the other side I really like the venue and would love to meet the sf community there again next year.

The biggest plus for me personally was the contact between all participants - speakers, staff and visitors - this year. I enjoyed myself so much talking to so all of you, that I can't believe I just managed to leave on 0:30 AM on saturday from the venue.

So for the bottom line: sf wise in the talks :-(
Community and meeting expertise :-D

Well executed event and great selection of speakers! Thanks SensioLabs for another stellar SymfonyLive!

Very good organization, thank you, but the talks last year were better because more broad and more, more Symfony related. This year's topics were legacy migration, performance testing, devops.

Anonymous at 22:58 on 8 Nov 2013

Was not as good as the 2012 edition. Not so much symfony content, lots of talks about profiling, speed, etc - but those did not go very deep. Rest mostly Case studies, some speakes doing advertising for their companies. A handful of good talks and speakers though.

The crowd was not very enthusiastic. Venue again ok, but maybe could be changed next year. Drinks on first day only during coffee breaks - please take 10 or 15 EUR more per person to improve catering (including lunch).

IMHO there was a little too little Symfony in this year's talks at Symfony live compared to last year's. Overall presentation was good though.