Talk comments

As most of the people I expected something else. But I was pleasantly surprised.
It was nice to see the open source community from other perspectives.

I really liked the talk.
Maybe it was to much abstract at some points. Some examples would be useful.
The speaker had to much accent. So it was a little harder to follow.

But overall it was a really good talk.

Thanks Dustin. Just a note, there is another service which can be used to test performance - . I had 50/50 success/fail using it. Maybe somebody can use it with higher success ratio :)

I found the talk interesting and the speaker quite a pleasant person.
However, I don't know how this would change my life on a daily basis.

On the other hand, compared with ppl's comments on the topic "why is symfony still open source", we can see that developers are shallow-minded dogs :D Only the show is appealing, not the depth.

I found the talk very interesting. A developer is not only a mouse running into a wheel; they can also see the world in different ways.

A developer may also know/talk about Marx, Foucault...
It could've been a 11 o'clock talk though ;)