Talk comments

Kacper Gunia at 12:34 on 20 Feb 2016

Talk nicely highlighted state of client libraries and showed how to deal with problems problems that developers can face. I'd focus a bit more on benefits of using ES and what kind of problems it tackles and also what kind of burden it introduces on the infrastructure side of things.

rebeca at 16:00 on 19 Feb 2016

I really enjoyed this talk. Good content and also very entertaining

Good talk, good overview of bundles... want more ;)

Very good talk, extremely useful tips on avoiding filter traps and treating code as main docs :)

Peter Hudson at 11:39 on 17 Feb 2016

Interesting intro into Sylius and how you can make it work for you.

Peter Hudson at 11:37 on 17 Feb 2016

Interesting insight into using Symfony with Elastic search. Shame the lights of the pub made certain white slides hard to see.

Good overview of Sylius most important components. Few useful examples how to use Sylius without Sylius. LIke somebody said pace can be improved. Really useful talk altogether.

Good introduction and useful hints about libraries which you can use with Elasticsearch in PHP.

John Field at 09:14 on 17 Feb 2016

Great overview and details of an ecommerce ecosystem, along with internals, approach and the "why". Some of the sections on differing interfaces / workflows, while showing great internal decomposition, came across as similar - perhaps stick with the Tequila use case example and then summarise other components that follow the same example (maybe TequilaConsequencesReport? :) )

John Field at 09:09 on 17 Feb 2016

Good overview of Elasticsearch from the Symfony POV with real-world usage.