Talk comments

Andrew Raines at 21:56 on 26 Jan 2017

Interesting intro and overview of what you guys have achieved. I'd have loved to have chatted to you both more, but unfortunately I needed to leave.

Andrew Raines at 21:55 on 26 Jan 2017

Really had nothing to be nervous about - it was a nice clear presentation of the topic matter.

Andrew Raines at 21:53 on 26 Jan 2017

Challenging subject matter to get across to people who've never done anything like it in the past (like me!) but the pace was good and I came away feeling like I'd learned a lot. Thanks!

Jakub Zalas at 21:07 on 26 Jan 2017

Nice use case. Perfect level of detail for such a short talk. It's a great material for a full-time talk, which would give you a chance to include more implementation details (that would be interesting I think).

Jakub Zalas at 20:49 on 26 Jan 2017

A very practical presentation of a solution implemented in a real life application. Clean implementation, neatly using Symfony's and Doctrine's features!

Jakub Zalas at 20:14 on 26 Jan 2017

Very good, confident delivery sprinkled with jokes. Great, clear explanation of functional programming concepts.

One thing to improve is either try to put less code (or code comments) on slides, or highlight the relevant bits and explain them step by step. Sometimes it was hard to decide what to focus on at the code slides. Code looked tidy and elegant though, and it will be a great after-talk reference!