Talk comments

Jakub Zalas at 09:11 on 20 Oct 2016

Quick and fun! For the next time I suggest preparing a demo (pre-recorded). It would better demonstrate people who have never used phpspec how great it is in generating boring code for us.

Jakub Zalas at 09:09 on 20 Oct 2016

Very good and well structured talk, I would love to see it on a conference! Recurring pattern of the "Holly s**t" effect well describes my experience with using blackfire.

It might be a matter of personal preference, but I'd either try to "type" faster or speak more. Going meta all the time about typing so slowly was a bit distracting (funny first time only ;) ).

Jakub Zalas at 09:05 on 20 Oct 2016

A very good overview of openapi. I especially liked the possibility to generate the API clients as writing them is sooo boring :)

Talk nicely delivered as a "live demo" (recording it beforehand was a nice idea). The pace was good, and the usaage of cats and jokes made the while presentation more pleasant!

Amazing talk! I'll personally take away the following good advice:

* write the spec first (rather than generate them from your application)
* generate the Model and Serializer (and client?) using janephp
* use the generated code in your test/application (rather than generating the application from the specs)
* specify auth parameters as simple parameter (handle auth in your app)

I had a bad experience with Swagger but this presentation just changed my perspective on it!