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Monday 15th May 2017

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Symfony Nano Framework
Talk by Loic Faugeron (35 minutes)

All frameworks seem to have their own micro framework: Zend framework has Expressive, Laravel has Lumen. But what does Symfony have? Silex? MicroKernelTrait? Hah! The stuff's as boring as a pacifist pistol. But don't worry, for I have a plan as cunning as a fox who's just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University.

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Behat Best Practices with Symfony
Talk by Ciaran McNulty (50 minutes)

Behat is widely used as part of a Behaviour Driven Development lifecycle, but it's also widely misused. In this talk Ciaran will show the best practices including: writing good scenarios, driving service development from scenarios, and fast UI testing, using Behat and the Symfony2Extension.