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Henrik Jensen at 21:56 on 6 Dec 2016

Hi there,
just wanted to add a little feedback about some things experienced during the conference.

First I would like to say that many of the topics were great, and it was nice to see some new faces among the more experienced and renowned speakers.

But unfortunately many of the talks were disturbed by 'things' that could have easily been avoided.

- The sound quality was poor (mic to close to lips, acoustic feedback etc)
- The lighting was off - the speaker was often in the dark while the desk was completely lit up.
- The banners on stage blocked the slideshow behind the speaker
- Because the wardrobe was placed in the main room, people were often walking through the back of the room, and in many cases speaking loudly. Many speakers seemed more nervous than what I usually see. I am guessing this could be caused by this. On several occasions it was very disturbing to hear the Sensio-crew talking loudly from the wardrobe...
- The light above the audience was constantly on in the main room. I am absolutely sure this also added to the "nervousness" among the speakers.
- The temperature in the smaller room was much too high during many (but not all) talks.
- The small room also suffered from noise coming from the lobby when many people were passing by.
- The internet generally did not work at all. This also meant that some talks could not include online/real live demos.

Finally I would like to add, that comparing with other conferences that tend to create a great vibe around the product or technology that it evolves around, I really missed that "Symfony is kicking ass"-spirit... Fabien clearly is a highly intelligent and visionary leader, but where was the talk/keynote that would make us all feel united in the quest to make Symfony take over the world?

Finally I feel like the conference could have used a confenciƩr. Often the speakers seemed unsure of when to start etc. It also did not work with the question sessions. Often people were already leaving the room while some questions were asked, just adding to the uncertainty of when to statrt/stop the talk.

I really enoyed the content and the variation of the talks, but please consider if things could be arranged better.

All the best

Henrik // Symfony user since 2016