Talk comments

oh, The conference most awesome, I did not get a chance to see the conference, where can I found the video

What?! Great!!. The talk was awsome. Where can i found the video talk?

Great!! realy good talk. Where can i found the video talk?

I saw the slides and that was a very useful and interesting talks. Where can i found the video talk

Nice one! Very interesting and well presented, I feel I walked away knowing something more and wanting to apply it asap

Oleg Andreyev at 11:49 on 13 Dec 2016

As usual Fabien is on high level!

on Keynote

David Gorges at 11:45 on 13 Dec 2016

Great talk with a good introduction into Kafka, it's underlying principles and some use cases.

Scott Collier at 14:33 on 7 Dec 2016

I enjoyed this talk. The topic was interesting and useful.

Théo FIDRY at 19:48 on 6 Dec 2016

Very inspiring, not very technical but the story was interesting and well told.

Andy Roid at 18:53 on 6 Dec 2016

topic interesting but i'm still fine with services in the old way