This talk will not offer you the ever-lasting debate between REST and GraphQL but intends to show you some real stuff. Increasingly used by web giants like Facebook, GitHub, Pinterest, or Shopify, GraphQL has attracted my curiosity, up to the point to make me use it in production. This conference aims to detail the different problems that I encountered while implementing GraphQL, and give you a description of what it is possible to obtain (we speak of schema). We’ll also discuss the new queries paradigm : giving the client the ability to ask for exactly what one needs, including sorting, pagination without puting aside security. Eventually, we’ll explore the new way of writing data using mutations, while maintaining good performance with application cache.


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Presentation was quite interesting, but i were in the last row and haven't see slides and examples well, and presentation heavily rely on those examples. Please use bigger fonts.

Interesting talk.
Too bad about the technical problems though; this should really be managed beforehand.
Also the implementation examples were highly opiniated. So maybe “creating a GraphQL API with overblog/graphql-bundle” would’ve been a better title.

213 at 18:20 on 16 Nov 2017

The subject is interesting, but the talk went in too deeply on examples that I didn't really care for. Also due to the accent, I had a lot of problems following the presentation.

Yannick at 18:22 on 16 Nov 2017

Due to technical difficulties the presentation started 20 min late. I understand you have prepared in advance, but skipping some topics would have helped. For instance the caching and security slides could have been dropped. Anyone interested could find those at a later time.

And maybe show less code examples, after the 10the yaml block I could no longer follow what was going on.

The speaker touched some interesting questions/remarks, but I was a little lost in the different yml-files; the small font did not really help.

Antonio Peric at 16:26 on 17 Nov 2017

Interesting but nothing to dramatic there

Interesting but I think for a short and advanced talk it was too much basic stuff.

Too bad that there were hardware issues (so short talk)... but interesting talk.

Very interesting talk. Good flow, easy to follow. Too bad about the technical problems.