Thanks to the new capabilities of the web platform (web components, Progressive Web Apps…) and the rise of modern JS libraries (Vue, React, Angular) almost all modern Symfony applications must leverage the frontend ecosystem. Symfony 4 embed many gems that make it easy to integrate modern JavaScript within the framework, including the first component entirely written in JS: Webpack Encore. In Symfony 4.2, another component that is super convenient for apps containing JS code has been released: Panther, a PHP library compatible with BrowserKit, that drives real web browsers to create end-to-end (E2E) tests with ease. During this talk, I'll show you how to cleanly integrate modern JavaScript code with Symfony and Twig and how to test such applications using Panther. The examples will use VueJS, because it’s probably the easiest JS framework to get started with as a PHP developer, but all the tips and tricks will be applicable with other libraries such as React or Angular.


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Best talk in the conference!!

Bart van Raaij at 17:52 on 7 Dec 2018

The talk was very informative and entertaining, but a bit hard to follow because of the speaker’s overly present French accent.
Just being constructive here; perhaps you can try an English pronunciation course of some sorts, if you plan to present in English more often.

Bruno Paz at 21:45 on 7 Dec 2018

Great content showing lots of tools integrated together to build a modern app.

Maybe a little too fast sometimes, but understandable due to the length of the talk

Miro Svrtan at 09:12 on 8 Dec 2018

Great subject, amazing content, good speaker.

I have a feeling speaker was trying to put so much into 1 talk that he had to go very fast in order to fit everything in, combined with a strong French accent which was bit hard to follow. Few slides had lots of code, so please be aware about us not being in first 5 rows.

And thank you Kevin for ApiPlatform and all of the great work you put in OSS!

Johan Vervloet at 10:11 on 8 Dec 2018

You used your time to touch a lot of interesting subjects. Very nice use case, I picked up a lot of things that were new to me.

Yannick at 14:24 on 8 Dec 2018

Fun presentation but a bit hard to follow at some points. Mainly because the speaker was talking very fast with a pretty heavy accent. Maybe slowing down a bit will improve the presentation a lot. Content wise it was cool to see a more modern take on developing an application with Symfony and Vue.js.

Bram Cordie at 11:50 on 9 Dec 2018

The talk was tightly packed, which could be intimidating to some viewers. I do think it worked out because most Symfony developers have experience with most of the things that are covered. Together with the high pace, this allows you to hone in when something new does come along.

I'm hyped to try Vue and Panther in new and existing projects!

Great talk, and thank you for all your awesome contributions !

Very fast paced, so it was hard to keep up sometimes, but otherwise good talk. Very extensive.

Miguel Sousa at 09:45 on 10 Dec 2018

was a good talk, as everyone else said, we fitted a long presentation into a small time and it got complicated but atleast we have the slides :)

Andrew Barm at 13:49 on 10 Dec 2018

Great topic and good examples.
Also this is a great addition of "Webpack Encore" presentation.

Overall amazing. Complete, clear, hands-on, and concrete. A pleasure!

Antonio Peric at 18:21 on 11 Dec 2018

great overview of possibilities, but to many things and this should be at least 4 hour workshop

Great talk and tool. We can really hear how involved in this project Kévin is, and how much he wants to talk about everything that's been done.

The overly present French accent would probably not have been a problem if Kévin had spoken more slowly. Trying to fit it all in one talk was a challenge which I believe was not overcome.

The first part of the talk is hard to follow, reading files that should be understood by everyone in the room (again, advanced track). I understand how Kévin wants to demonstrate the end to end process of RAD development of an app, but removing the scaffolding would help reducing the content and focus on Panther itself.
Being in the advanced track, it would be interesting to have a deep dive as well. How does it actually work? How is the project launched using the php integrated development server, what about the data persistence, etc?