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Amazing conference and very well organized! Congrats to all SensioLabs team and see you in Madrid!

Thanks for all speaker and organizer.

Was a great event !

Anonymous at 14:41 on 15 Dec 2013

i think wifi was better than in other sflives i have been to, but it was actually too weak for our size, we need to take a different approach to serve fast internet to 600 people+ current systems are not enough definitely

overall was a good high level version of a sflive with a lot of attendance. Food was good though some things were lacking as the lack of coffee throughout, lack of muffins or cookies or fresh drinks in the back, i guess we have to hunt for food sometimes. Thanks for the genius food in hacking day. The power cables and the air conditioning i heard some comments from other people and definitely the internet to develop was not enough.

Was a good conference. thanks!

WiFi was to crowded can't connect on the first day