Talk comments

I believe between Kris and davedevelop the award should have been duplicated. I did not like that the case for proxy was not illustrated in a way that it properly portrays his understanding which is great. Maybe time constraints.

The point between annotations and anemic model are a bit contradictory between each other. Other than that it was a better talk that the one given at Sunshinephp which was good already and covered other topics.

Thanks for the slide on the "raising hand' at the beginning, it is really encouraging. I want to give you 5, but i will give you 4 because you have much more to deliver.


Anonymous at 22:09 on 1 Feb 2014

I just watched the video, and agree with Thomas and Konstantin and Jeremy. The last question was very good because and i created an issue to follow up and fix this. Good talk!

Fantastic talk! And the award is totally deserved ;)

Very good talk there! You showed me how to glue diffrent tools I heard about/or already used into one powerfull developing helper! :)

May the force be with you Ryan.