Inspire yourself of Symfony2 to create better code


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Anonymous at 13:49 on 21 Oct 2011

Helpful. As a developer who is new to OOP and Symfony2, it would be good to get off to a clean start when it comes to coding standards, and this talk was informative in that respect. Must get a copy of the book mentioned during the talk.

Very inspirational talk. It gave me new stuff to think about for the long term in using Symfony. During the presentation talking speeded up, which was sometimes difficult to follow because of the French accent. Which is off course inevitable on a Symfony conference :-)

Got some inspirations from this talk especially to have a more pragmatic approach on problems.

One drawback was that the speakers english was sometimes hard to follow due to the accent.

Interesting talk but it could be more concrete

good talk to call the importance of coding standards in mind for daily work.
sometimes it was diffucult to follow because of the french accent.

Very inspiring, loved the call to pragmatism.

good talk, but less concrete

I think the talk was good. Especially, as Igor pointed out, how you promoted pragmatism. Without barring beautiful solutions.

It could have been more concrete though. In hindsight I have trouble recollecting most of your points, so maybe you could have summarized some few bullets to take home? And/or driven the points home with real world examples.

Well, the talk covered things, every developer should already know and those were only explained sketchy.
I would have expected more concrete examples, also in code.

Anonymous at 20:44 on 22 Oct 2011

The talk was ok but could not live up to my expections. I guess I'm trying to do most of the stuff mentioned already.

I have to agree Dirk. But if we take a look at the comments before it seems that there are a lot of programmers who don't know these principles. So its good that from time to time someone talks about these things.

Great topics well covered. The presentation could have been a little more fluent and entertaining. The fun parts were already in the slides but left unused.. Otherwise well done.

Anonymous at 14:29 on 23 Oct 2011

Perhaps a little disjointed in it's execution the talk was good, but failed short of nailing the principles home somehow. It is good to get a reminder of these things, and how important they are - I'll be adding the Pragmatic Programmer to my wishlist too.

Talk was ok, English could be better. Good things i picked up were the pragmatism and to learn from others. Will definitely read the Pragmatic Programmer.

I think this presentation was a good complement to Richard's DIC talk later in the afternoon. Appreciating SoC is vital to embracing Symfony2 and understanding how and why it functions.

The call to pragmatism is also something hard to argue with. I'm particularly interested in learning about how Sensio uses their own framework (for this reason, I love seeing the bundles you guys publish), and it's clear that a pragmatic approach is valued there.

Would have liked to see some more concrete examples, maybe condense the high level part of the talk down a bit to give more room for showing some more code and concrete best practices :)