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exciting announcements, some cool new stuff, and good to see more focus on the components.

Anonymous at 00:21 on 22 Oct 2011

great keynote, and shitloadadly entertaining :) loved it

We had everything in this keynote and it was really entertaining.

Inspiring as always

very good an inspiring talk. I'd like the »pushing end« :))

good to hear the vision about what symfony2 is from fabien himself. makes it clearer for me where the journey will go.
looking forward to the new profiler timeline.
of course very entertaining.

very good and maximum sympathetic & very inspiring talk from FabPot! Great KeyNote!! Thanks for that :-)

Anonymous at 14:36 on 23 Oct 2011

That's how you do a Keynote. Massively entertaining, inspiring and rewarding for those more willing community members who travelled from afar to learn more about it.

One thing I would say is that Fabien was a little curt with some of those who asked questions. It was fairly obvious from today that even some of the people giving presentations don't fully understand the Framework's intricacies (there were a lot of "I don't know, but I'm sure Fabien can tell you.") So if people ask basic questions, that's to be expected, not derided.

It's obvious though that Fabien understands the power and importance of the community, and all of the announcements and initiatives are no doubt going to thrust Symfony2 t'wards the heavens. We are all suitably excited now too.

In homage to the community badges, I'd reward 10,000 points for the anticipated "when will it be live" question. Top level.

Entertaining, inspiring and informative. A key note as it is supossed to be. Some good announcements too.

Could be a little less hard on those who asked questions

Great slides on the significance of Symfony2 components (esp. for those that missed his framework-building workshop the day before). I suppose we could debate if it was *entirely* spontaneous, but kudos to git-pushing the Timeline component live during the keynote - great way to avoid the a "when will that be available" question during Q&A :)

I'm very much looking forward to the upcoming community initiatives. All in all, this was an ideal keynote to wrap up the event.

Fabien has a very unique style thats just the right for a keynote.
Also that git push during the talk was awesome, how much did you pay the guy for asking the question? :)