The Sonata AdminBundle


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Anonymous at 14:41 on 21 Oct 2011

very hard to understand, needs more action

Information overflow. You Lost me in the Last 15 minutes. Less would have Bern more :)

Very detailed and extensive talk. It solved a currently facing problem for me working with the Sonata admin bundle :-). Some screenshots e.g. for the different form fields concering different relations (one-to-many, etc ) would be nice. Seeing the project has started recently (nov 2010), I wont be bitching about some unfinished things and some missing documentation :-). However I can imagine that this talk is a bit overwhelming with many slightly less relevant details for people who haven't worked with the Sonata bundles yet.

Many details and interesing things, but sometimes hardly understandable... probably caused by speak speed and accent

Anonymous at 00:17 on 22 Oct 2011

i guess thomas did a great job with the bundle (from what i understoot), but he was really hard to understand, so i couldnt follow most of the time

Same as Timo Haberkern. You lost me but the bundle looks interesting and I'll definitively try it.

Sorry about that, it was the first time I spoke about it, and clearly the format was wrong.

Hard to understand. I can hardly wait to see it's development. I'll try the bundle and will do some experiments.

unfortunately hard to understand because of the french accent and the complex content. i lost the thread after the half of time. i think it is a necessary bundle and it seems to me still very complicated to use it comparing the admin generator in symfony 1.x

Good overview of what's possible with the admin bundle, but a little hard to follow. The slides filled with code could have used some screenshots to understand what the code is doing.

good overview.
but very hard to understand because of the heavy french accent and less enthusiasm by the speaker

I don't agree with Ralf, but rather feel Thomas was enthusiastic about Sonata Admin. This made at least me want to dive in and see what's it all about.

There *was* too much in-depth information though and I was constantly lost among the details. It could definitely have used some more "why" and "what" and less "how".

The code examples could have been stripped down to require less knowledge about the context and only focus on what the current topic was.

Still though, Thomas did make me interested and I think with some polishing I would like to hear the 2.0 version of this talk.

Very interresting but a little bit hard to understand.
I think that for a next time it would a be better topic for a workshop, then more people could follow the complexity of the sonato admin.
But if you do it as a speech next time than could you please speak a little bit slower and kill all the "ähm" out of the skript :).

I think it's a cool very useful Bundle. I expected a less deep Intro though. You lost me half way through

Anonymous at 14:11 on 23 Oct 2011

When people want to show off something they've made or sell, they frequently make the mistake of trying to say _everything_ about it. I think that's what happened here. We would have benefitted much more from an overview of the entire thing, and some short practical examples of how it can be extended.

I also found it quite hard to understand Thomas somtimes, and that was partly down to his heavy accent and partly because he adopted a pretty monotone pattern with a lot of 'erm's.

He did a good job of showing us the potential of the system, and even if most of us got lost I think we got the impression of it's obvious use and power.

Very difficult to understand, "frenchy english".

Too much information, and also too much small code on the sheets. That maked it really hard to follow. However I think the bundle is really really cool. Haven't take a look at it yet, and thats also why it was hard to follow for me.

The bundle looks amazing and it's clear that Thomas knows what he's talking about.
But this talk was hard to follow, to much information and unclear examples. English speaking skills could be improved too.

Echoing the comments above: the presentation started out very clear and easy-to-follow, but began to fall apart with each full code example slide. An hour-long presentation would probably been more than enough time to give an overview of any bundle for Symfony2, but actually covering the integration of a bundle is something better done in a longer, interactive workshop session.

For future re-use of the slides, I would consider splitting them into a condensed presentation version and a longer set for training/workshop use. As the bundle progresses, I think you should definitely pursue doing a training session at an upcoming Symfony conference.

I think the pressure on this talk was quite big, since many people are looking for documentation. So as a result this talk was overburdened with showing everything that the AdminBundle can do. I actually did like your attempt to show related code in different boxes on a single slide, but maybe the approach needs to do a better job at highlighting (and greying out) each of the boxes as you go through to explain them.

Also of course its always harder to give presentations in a foreign language. Just keep doing it and things will become more and more fluent.