Measure your app internals with InfluxDB (time-series database)


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Anonymous at 12:18 on 10 Oct 2015

Useful to have more examples

Measure is the best way to follow evolution of our application. InfluxDB sounds how good tool!

nice talk presenting some interesting technologies

I've really enjoyed this talk.
It has been a good presentation and he have explained really well how to use InfluxDB.

bella tecnologia, adesso ho ho voglia di provare ad usare Influx :-)
Peccato per la leggibilitĂ  delle slide, dalle file in fondo non era facile leggere

Interesting technologies and good explanation but it was impossible read the slides

Alessandro Lai at 16:48 on 11 Oct 2015

Good talk, and really a good and energized speaker. The topic was really interesting, too bad for the slides' color choices, too dark!

thanks to everyone, typically i present with the dark color scheme because projectors render the dark colors well and white schemes are instead too clear. Sadly this time we have the opposite situation. Next time i will try with the projector before start talking and in case of problem i will change the dark scheme with a white scheme. I remember to everyone that my slides are available here:


Very interesting talk about influxdb!

Now I know stuff I didn't know before, so it was a good talk :)

Very interesting

Anonymous at 10:02 on 4 Nov 2015