Talk comments

Very good talk, gave my colleagues some great ideas to take back to the workplace and try to implement and make the process nicer to work with.


Good keynote, but ended up mixing slides and code which I think would have been better prepared for as most of it was sat watching a text editor and a terminal when I think it'd have been better having the demo a little more structured and prepared or mixing the slides with the demo, having the demo back up the slides?

Very interesting though

on Keynote

A very rushed talk, but think it'd need another hour, or splitting it down into smaller talks perhaps?

Very interesting subject though and have taken a look at it for projects I'm working on.

I enjoyed talking to you outside, but your talk had very little to do with symfony and was something I'd expect as common sense. I think if you covered more about actually securing data within symfony OR changing the name of the talk, then I'd have a different attitude towards it.

I hope this wasn't taken badly, and I'd love to answer any questions you have about it.

Thomas Meehan at 11:52 on 2 Oct 2017

Really good talk. Helped to get my head around the importance of code review. Provided some good tips as well.

Richard Lewis at 10:32 on 2 Oct 2017

Great tips on how to speed up and improve code review.

Anonymous at 10:00 on 30 Sep 2017

Interesting talk about what code review really is. Few useful tips and good presenter.

claire smith at 09:40 on 27 Sep 2017

Great talk and I learnt a lot about the benefits of BDD. Would be awesome to see the slides again.

Useful talk. Centred more on CI review tools more than I expected but still really useful.

Robert Treacy at 09:29 on 25 Sep 2017

A very hands-on demo of the new service container options by a man very obviously knowledgeable on the subject.