Talk comments

S├ębastien: thanks for the feedback. I was certainly aware that the code examples during the object calisthenics portion are contrived (most were adapted from the original Java articles on the subject). I'll look into replacing those with examples from PHP projects should I present the material again.

Great initiative, and nice talk. Symfony needs a lot more of this.

Informative and interesting, good delivery, and with practical examples.

Was nice to have an inside view of how a big corp like Adobe manages it's high traffic API. Well delivered, and some good practical advice on auth, rate limiting, and logging.

Great start to the conference.

on Keynote

An amazing talk. DX is important to me, and it's great to see Symfony playing a major roll in it. Not only playing a roll, but being genuinely excited about it!

This talk was absolutely amazing. I felt like it was worth the event in itself. I wished their could have been more time for questions and discussions. This is what the Symfony community needs the most.