Talk comments

Cody Moss at 22:37 on 22 Oct 2018

Really opened my eyes to some of the things the core devs have to do. Thank you Jeremy for sharing this information with us.

Great talk!

May I suggest expanding the scope of this presentation to include some info on how to add SCSS/SASS to the build pipeline?

Kevin Searle at 06:12 on 16 Oct 2018

Interesting topic, especially regarding JSON and document store.

Kevin Searle at 06:11 on 16 Oct 2018

Great intro.

Kevin Searle at 06:10 on 16 Oct 2018

As an older developer, I could see a lot of truth in what Cal spoke on. Heed his wisdom (or don't as we do when young).

Kevin Searle at 06:08 on 16 Oct 2018

Good stuff. Demystified the topic for me.

Kevin Searle at 06:51 on 14 Oct 2018

Very relevant to what our company is experiencing right now.

Really interesting, thank you!

So many little things you showed that I can't wait to try on top of the basics we know. Good and simple examples, I liked it a lot. Specifically the 2FA, big concept actually really simple to achieve according to what you demonstrate. (need to try now ;)) thank you!