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A few questions were asked about Jenkins, however we couldn't get past the firewall on port 8080 for me to show my instance running in AWS.

Also a few questions on Ansible.

Kindly, see the videos on my YouTube Channel for DevOps demos of both:

Inspirational and Positive!

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Good conference! I forward to it next year.

Anonymous at 17:58 on 6 Nov 2016

This talk was disappointing. The level of discussion seemed more targeted for middle or high school. The topic and presenter had a lot of potential, but I honestly felt like it was kind of a waste of time. It could have used more rigor.

Anonymous at 17:56 on 6 Nov 2016

Pretty good talk. Could have used a bit more context/practical examples, but David was well prepared and knowledgeable.

Phenomenal. Would have loved to hear him for twice the length.

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Completely agreed with George's comments on how to deal with clients who don't understand the Internet. Needed to provide more visual examples.

Very good content on Social Media and best practices for your business presence on social media!

Inspirational story, wonderful message

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