Talk comments

Eamon Woortman at 10:08 on 8 Jun 2016

Interesting lessons and a nice wake-up-call on the matter of security.
I feel like the talk could have been more compact or perhaps show more slides during the elaboration of the topics.

Eamon Woortman at 10:03 on 8 Jun 2016

Great talk and nice to see use-case examples of such tight SLA's and massive scale.

Eamon Woortman at 10:01 on 8 Jun 2016

Nice talk, the products were explained well.
I think it would have been better if the speaker had some more log data to show.

Eamon Woortman at 09:56 on 8 Jun 2016

Interesting talk on the Azure Fabric.
Although, as a developer, I would have liked to see a bit more about the implementation.

Eamon Woortman at 09:55 on 8 Jun 2016

Entertaining talk and a great insight of how Kubernetes works.
I would have liked to see a comparison to other similar products like Docker Cloud or Rancher.

Eamon Woortman at 09:50 on 8 Jun 2016

Entertaining talk and great lessons on handling humans in the critical environments.

Eamon Woortman at 09:48 on 8 Jun 2016

Interesting insight into the limits of load balancing on a massive scale.

Touched on important matters that are often still neglected by many users, but a more technical talk had been more interesting for this audience.

Eamon Woortman at 09:42 on 8 Jun 2016

It was interesting to hear what kind of design processes are behind the Docker Compose. I liked the view on how abstractions should not please one particular side of users(one dev vs scaled up).

The speaker could do with less 'like ...' phrases and it would be nice if he'd involve the public a bit more by looking at them and perhaps have a bit more interaction(maybe ask questions or something similar).

Both entertaining and very informative.