10 Developer Trends in 2010


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Matthew has given a good overview of trends and stats, but he needs to touch base and get some facts straight.

Nice overview. Enjoyed hearing about other languages and JVM as platform.

Because something is a trend doesn't make it the right tool for the job. The biggest trend of all time: a hammer. Great discussion.

Interesting big picture look at upcoming trends, but I felt that several of these "trends" were a bit dated. For example, cloud computing has been a "trend" for years.

These trends gave me another look at several things going on in the web development. (Perhaps it was a "second look" in some cases, though some trends last a while.) Well delivered -- very enjoyable.

This talk suffers from bad timing, but other than that was a good overview on what is new and shiney for web developers to keep an eye on. After Josh Holmes's amazing talk on simplicity, this felt like a rather odd juxtaposition from the concept of "do we really need these new shiney toys, when old ways are simpler and may in fact still be better" as described by Josh.

Some of the trends mentioned felt like they were out of place at a conference specializing and focusing on PHP and related technologies. There seemed to be an emphasis on Ruby in several of his slides, which felt especially out of place. All in all, the talk just felt too broad and didn't bring much new or relevant to the table. It may have worked better as a lower priority talk, but as a day 2 keynote it was lacking.

I am very interested by statistics and submit links to dzone quite often, so I was very interested in this analysis of the patterns of topics they are observing. DZone has a wider technical community than the sites used just for PHP information so I thought this was an appropriate talk, perhaps not the world's most dynamic speaker but an interesting guy and a nice gentle start to the day.

Decent overview of what was new and shiny, but didn't really provide much information that was new or insightful. Agree with the earlier commenter who mentioned it was a bit meh for a keynote.