Open Source Your Career


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This was one of the best talks I've been to this conference. It should have been yesterday's keynote!

Excellent presentation about the open source community and how getting involved can open new doors.

Great great great talk. Very applicable to my own career and a good format as well.

Wow! Lorna's presentation on how open source has shaped her career is amazing. So many talks a recitation of slides with dozens of bullet points. After the title slide and some contact info, Lorna switched to a solid black slide and spent the next 45 minutes talking about her experience and how that's relevant to you.

The take away: get involved. Working on open source projects–whether submitting bugs, fixing bugs, writing documentation, or hanging out in an IRC channel for 15 minutes a day to answer questions–will help make you a more valuable person to your potential employers.

Being able to see this talk in one of smaller rooms at Tek X was like seeing a band play your favorite bar a few months before they get discovered. You should be seeing this talk as the keynote talk at conferences around the community.

Nicely done presentation that showed how engaging in the PHP community has helped her career and how that is relevant to everyone else.

Lorna showed her speaking flexibility by presenting with no slides and just some notes in her hand and not missing a beat.

very inspirational, practical and perfectly delivered.

This has been the best presentation I have seen in a long time. Not only was the topic very relevant to the audience, but I was deeply impressed by Lorna's way of presenting without slides. It felt, at least to me, as if I were listening to a good friend sharing his experience and knowledge about how Open Source has affected and influenced her career.

This should have been a keynote, and I hope it will be at another conference.

A seriously *great* presentation. Should have been yesterday's keynote.

One of the best talks ever, as Sebastian states: keynote material

This was a wonderful, wonderful talk - looking forward to seeing it at more conferences in the future!

Best talk of the conference

Agree with the above, redundant to put more.

Very excellent discussion. As someone who is new to the community, Lorna's talk definitely inspired me to get out and start getting involved in projects. If not for the experience, then for the contacts that will be made in the process. I hope to start immediately!

Great talk, you could probably turn this talk into it's own conference.

Lorna's talk was a great motivator to get further involved with the Open Source community. She presented tons of personal anecdotes that could easily be applied to anyone listening. It really brought out what makes the community so great, and why every business should allow it's developers to contribute as much as they can. This talk also encouraged me to check up on an open source project I released several months ago and mostly forgot about.

This was a very nice session and one I can relate to, since in a modified version of it Lorna and Skoop inspired me to create my "Walking down the PHPath" session which goes much along these lines.

The message in this session is very important to anyone looking to growing and establishing themselves in the community and marketplace. Even though it goes through the ranks of relaying Lorna's career it goes well past the point of seeming like a ego-talk, bringing completely relevant information and using her career as proof and reinforcement for the lessons learnt.

Way to go Lorna.