Subversion in a Distributed World


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Excellent talk with a very practical unbiased view of the popular version control systems out there today (aside from occasional humorous jabs). Outstanding objective review of when and why you'd want to use each, how they compare in terms of functionality, and how to integrate them into your workflow. Developers as much as users of these version control tools should see this talk; they'd benefit immensely from Lorna's perspective.

Great talk. Well paced and objective overview of svn, hg, git and bzr.

Loved it!! I finally feel like I can defend sticking with SVN. I am going to play around with a bridge though and ease into git/hg/bzr locally. Can I give this 6 thumbs up? Alright, I'm done gushing.

My favorite talk so far. Tons of great info from a rational, (mostly) vcs agnostic point of view. Great information on whether or not to switch from svn to dvcs, including some great info on svn bridges (bzr-svn, git-svn). Awesome job, Lorna.

(Objective, that's the word I was looking for. Rational, sure, but objective, that's the ticket.)

Very practical, informative, thorough comparison of version control systems. I learned a lot, and liked the emphasis on choosing what fits your needs the best. Thanks!

Very awesome presentation! Great comparison between most of the options, presented in a straight-forward, no-fluff or bias. Made so many things clear.

Lorna just did it again ! Simple, to the point and great contents.

Awesome !

Nothing turns me off like the religious fervor surrounding technology choices. Tools are tools. I have been actively repelled from Git and Bzr for a couple years by evangelists trying to save my soul from the evils of Subversion.

Thanks for a comparison of the technologies, presented in dispassionate terms, so that one can actually understand what the differences and similarities are.

Travis' talk after yours was also surprisingly dispassionate, for a self-proclaimed fan boy.

Very nice overview of the core features of version control systems, and how distributed and centralized differ -- and how they can be similar and/or complement each other.

My only comment is that perhaps just a brief discussion of where the distributed model fits well would be in order (open source projects, distributed teams, etc.). Overall, very well done.

This was my 2nd time to attend a talk by Lorna, and I was definitely not let down. She provides a great overview of DVCS features and hosted services (launchpad, github, etc). The explanation of conceptual differences between centralized and distributed was very helpful. SVN Bridge! I'm implementing the SVN bridge when I get to the office on Monday.

Excellent talk - I would like to see more on mercurial (give it a go) and a bit of (as other people said) distributed vs. central and how to pick would be great

Excellent talk with great overview of the various options that exist.

Excellent talk.

A great talk that made me rethink my plans for source control. I never would have thought using bridges so that git and svn, and any other source control, could work so well together. The talk was definitely geared more towards those experienced with SVN and Git than those looking for a fresh start from nothing, but it still was very easy to follow for such a newbie. I appreciate how unbiased the talk was, and how everything was presented from as neutral of a view as possible. It was refreshing to be able to see each Source Control solution in such a light, and made great cases for each solution in different coding environments.