Working with Zend_Form


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Very knowledgeable. Good answers to some complex questions as well. Personally, I think I'll keep to using Zend_Form for my backend setup and validation and continue to handle manual rendering in my views.

Thanks for the discussion. I feel like I finally understand how everything is supposed to work. I'm going to dig into it again.

I also found this post that talks about using Zend_Form outside of MVC:

As always, great job. I found the translation approach to customized error messages interesting and innovative. Never thought of doing it that way before...

good background setup and examples; While it wasn't always clear which classes methods were being invoked upon, it was presumed they were either on objects of type element or form

Nice job. Good coverage of the subject and very informative.

Clear, concise presentation on the basics of Zend_Form. Having struggled with some parts of Zend_Form for awhile (mainly the decorators) it was nice to receive confirmation am doing most things correctly and the few little tips/tricks picked up should be great help. Would love to see a 3-hour tutorial on Zend_Form next time :-)!

Thank you for the talk. I finally understand decorators and all it took was one statement with the visuals you used. Knowing that order of how the decorators are set is important was the keystone I was missing from understanding form decorators. I hope that the slides will be available later this year since I understand you have other talks to give this year.

I enjoyed this talk, would have loved more information or maybe a diagram about how the ordering needs to work or what happens when you get that order wrong. I learned a lot especially in the questions section

Very interesting, but I was unclear how to get started using Zend_Form until someone asked near the end.

Zend Form is a somewhat complex concept that has its benefits and downfalls. Rob did a great job at explaining why its benefits out weight the bad.