Building a Firehose


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Excellent talk, lots and lots of info, the code started to get overwhelming at times, but it was so clearly written it made it fairly easy to follow.

Great job.

Great talk and stuff.

Good talk with lots of info. Unfortunately, will have to rewatch at least once to have everything "sink in".

Thanks for speaking!

Great talk! Missed the first 15 minutes, but still was incredibly impressed.

Great talk.

Got worried when the first slide stayed up for a while, but quickly got over that once you started to get into the meat of the talk.

Anonymous at 10:02 on 21 Dec 2012

The content and slides sounded/looked very impressive, but much of the detail went over my head.

In general terms the delivery was clear if a little fast. For an online conference perhaps more frequent slide changes would help hold the visual attention of the listener(?), especially at the start.

Not sure I can provide a rating of any value as I wasn't able to digest the content, so this reflects the overall delivery.

excellent. tons of information here, will definitely be watching the video and downloading the notes for future reference.

An absolutely awesome talk! Went nice and low level, and really showed some awesome things that are possible in a large scale application. The pace was quick, but the information given was incredible...

If I had to give one criticism (a very minor one), the talk could have used a slight bit of higher level "glue". At times the low level bits felt a little disconnected, and some high level context may have made it feel a little more fluid. Again, this is very minor, as in the vast majority of the times during the talk, the flow was really great...

Would love to see this talk again...

It was a great talk but since we only saw the slides and NOT the speaker himself, a slower pase is needed to comprehend everything that is said. I felt like I couldn't keep up and it's a shame for such an awesome intriguing topic. The talk should have been adjusted more to the format where it was given.

Otherwise: Awesome talk, great subject, I'll be sure to watch the video later to catch up on the parts I missed :)

Very interesting talk, never thought it could be such an interesting topic. I don't know why, but I kept mentally applying the info to collecting data from a droid army, but I suppose it could be from a delivery fleet or distributed mobile app, etc. Excellent job.

+ A lot of stuffs mentioned
+ clear, readable code
+ Slides were nicely put up

- I would appreciate if you could talk less fast, would give us time to absord what you are saying and relating to the code samples..etc


Incredible presentation. I've heard about "Big Data" for quite some time, and I've built data aggregation systems in the past, but this made that look like an erector set sitting next to the empire state building. This is a very detailed presentation on all the layers needed to successfully deal with large amounts of data in a useful well. Very well done.

Good talk. Somewhat intense topic and went over a very broad array of solutions quickly. There were many good takeaways and notes to dig in and do some further research on though. It's great that the slides are available and they easily link to the github code so that attendees can really dig into making sense of the presentation.

I would have liked to see more of a deep dive into more detailed complete examples, but I understand that this talk was meant to be a broad introduction of multiple methods and that we could never go too deep into all of the solutions discussed.

this guy is a beast

only if you were southerner

great talk, will be reviewing it again

Awesome talk. I'll have to watch it again.

I'm not a programmer, and this was quite a bit to take in but I liked the slides. :)

great talk (at least the bits I could grasp on first hearing) with tons of info. Firehose is the right description. I'm happy to have the opportunity to rewatch this later

A great introduction to many open source parts useful in building a fire hose.

An excellent talk...too many technologies to take in with just one run through, though. Will definitely be going back to the slides after and perusing.

Good talk, information overload though for first thing in the morning. Will def be going back to the recording of this one!

Nice talk. Lots of information to digest, but needed to cover the topic fully. Recordings will be a must view to get it all.

Aweome stuff!

Anonymous at 12:31 on 21 Dec 2012

A lot of good information. I loved the inclusion of so many different technologies.