Cryptography For The Average Developer


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Awesome talk! Good insights about Cryptography and how to use with PHP.

And was good to know about the new PHP 5.5 API. Thanks.

Very nicely paced, providing great basics and theory behind various cryptographic approaches, and what a developer should both avoid and do - and why they should leave cryptography to an expert.

Anthony, I love the way you speak. You have a very clear speaking style, which makes even hard topics like cryptography easier to understand. You also cover the topics very well, I learned a lot from this talk!

Very interesting talk, thanks!

Awesome pase, clear voice, explaining a complex subject in a VERY good way and made it easy for everyone to understand.

Anonymous at 13:15 on 21 Dec 2012

Excellent talk. Very informative, and was happy to see that you covered everything, both background and practical implementations.

hire the experts is not a good advise for someone trying to learn, sorry but i have to do this.

Great information and very thorough. Excellent delivery and well though out slides.

Great talk. Very informational. So, should I guess I will not do Cryptography on my own. ;)

Good clear explanations. This is the first I've seen about the new capabilities for password hashing in PHP 5.5, so that is something to look forward to it sounds like.

Good information, very cut and dry and to the point: Nicely done.
Dragons: Blink and you miss like in college, so you might wanna keep IRC quiet during Anthony's next one ;)

Paced well, extremely clear, love the background info followed by, "DO NOT DO THIS".

Excellent pace, excellent speaking skills, and I liked the simple slides that were still very informational. Thanks!

+ Clear voice / Good tone
+ nice font styles
+ Good contents, making complex things seems not "impossible"

- Add some images and/or graphics to the slides to make it more entertaining

Good talk!

Great talk. You made some very complicated things simple to understand, and I learned a lot about encryption.

Very, very clear talk on a topic which for me always has been a bit fuzzy. Got a lot of new information and you put a lot of the loose bits of information in my head in their respective places in the Big Picture®©™.

Well paced, clearly meant for accessibility (as the title implied). You succeeded in meeting the expectations and even went beyond.

Great talk. Everything was clear. You made something complicated look easier.

Really well done!

Great talk...seems like it changed up a bit since since the last time for the good.

Great coverage of a complex topic. Awesome delivery (pace, voice, etc.) as well.

This talk helped me to understand the significance of cryptographically secure randoms, salts, and initialization vectors.

Overall a great talk. 5 thumbs for content, 3 presentation style. I found a couple times the emphasis on "No, seriously, don't do it" and "Leave it to the experts" a bit distracting – I had to think a moment "wait, don't do what?" or "leave what to the experts?" Not a bit deal, but it could have been toned down for clarity without a loss of impact.

Great talk. A lot of information out there is either targeted at beginning developers or experts; it is hard to find good content for the mid level. This talk covered an important topic in a manner that is useful for the developers of any experience.

Also good work on the password_hash rfc. Having a simple method for handling such a common issue should make good practices easier for more people.