Javascript Best Practices & BackboneJS for the PHP Developer


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Awesome talk, a bit fast...

Great talk, Ryan. I don't think I've ever understood messing with the "this" and prototyping as clearly as you explained it.

Good talk, learned quite a bit my brain might be going numb. The examples you used were very helpful in making the points clear though.

Excellent content, but it was quite fast, and the constant switching between slides made things difficult to absorb. Certainly some knowledge I can use soon.

Q: what to use from backbone when doing a crud admin with symfony2 but that is not API -like type of CRUD

Q: what bundle do you recommend? if any

I have more questions but you are not answering on chat i guess :(

Excellent talk overall and I learned a bit. Especially about "this".

Was a little thrown off by the "PHP Imagination Code", as that seemed to overcomplicate things just a little bit.

And I like the demo code. Thanks for providing.

Great talk, as it was at Tek last year. I think there's plenty of stuff in the pre-backbone section to make a full talk, and allow you to sink into it a bit more. The IRC channel was hopping with people who were interested but a little lost at times, just because JS has some really mind-bending concepts. I remember at Tek you had to rush through the final slides, too, so maybe cutting out the Backbone stuff would help? Both parts of the content are great, though.

+ definitely The Super Mario of Javascripts :)
+ Lots of stuffs in there
+ Slides were efficient
+ I like the "Princess protip" thing.. good idea/creativity!

- I felt you were to fast on the talk
- voice tone a bit too high (or may be the mic was too close to your mouth? )

Good Talk on the whole, nicely done!

We are working on implementing backbone into our new dev. The talk covered some good info for me, and answered a few questions I had. A couple of things:

The verbal pace was fairly brisk. I will re-watch the video and take more detailed notes.

The example site was confusing for me. I was not sure if each of those links took me to a different demo, or the same demo? Wasn't sure if I was supposed to follow along on that demo site or not. I ended up not looking at it after my first few attempts.

I still don't like Javascript, but I like your try. I think you got the right tips isolated, and I think you have found the right way to get these points across to PHP devs by mapping JS code to "what would this look like in PHP". Unfortunately, in my view, there was too much information in too little time. I couldn't follow everything like I would've wanted to.

I'm not a javascript fan, but I must say some of the stuff was quite interesting to hear about. Didn't convince me to do more javascript though ;)

I LOVED the "imagineland php" to get a more grasp of the subject for PHP developers, and nice twist with the mario figures. The talk was way too fast pased for this medium though, when you can't see the speaker you lose one of the sences and they need to talk slower.

Great tips from 'Mario'! IMO it was a bit faster, but great content. Thank you

Great job on the talk. Much to learn for those of us that don't normally focus on the JS side of things.

Great talk. I would had loved a little more backbone.

WIN. I learned tons, enjoyed the Mario stuff, and really appreciate having your code and demo site to work with.

Ryan, thanks for the great talk guiding us from ugly javascript to well formed
javascript objects in just an hour. I like the way you start with a basic concept
and with each step add a new tidbit of knowledge until suddenly it all makes sense.
Your relaxed and slightly whimsical approach works.

Good visuals, friendly, and laid back. Enjoyable presentation with lots of good take-aways.

Very clear explanation on things I know now I did not so good with YUI3. Thanks

Great talk, only wish there was more time.

Good talk..could easily be expanded into a tutorial-length. Nice example too - fun stuff :) I think the pace of the talk was fine...of course I've had some backbone experience in the past, so it wasn't all new stuff.

Loved how you use PHP objects and pseudo-code as a bridge to help developers understand JavaScript objects, prototypical inheritance, etc. and how you overshoot the median consumer of your talk but give her realistic ambitions for solving non-SPA challenges and where to aim for when an SPA is what is required in the future.

This was a great talk and very informative as others have said. For me, the first part seemed too detailed and basic, so that in the second half Ryan seemed to be rushing. Also the title was rather misleading, as the Backbone part was more like an addendum. I had expected a more significant part of the talk to be about the integration of Backbone with a project running PHP serverside. In the end it was mainly some tips in that regard, and a link to @funkatron's talk on the topic.