Your code sucks, let’s fix it.


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I really enjoyed how this was presented as a series of thought exercises intended to better your code. It makes the topic a lot more approachable than a talk focused on refactoring all your legacy code. That might be the end result, but it's easier to swallow this way, IMHO.

Great job, man.

Thanks Rafael, really great stuff. Will apply some of these rules for sure.

Very helpful listing of rules to implement to help wrangle wayward code. As someone else said in IRC it would be great if these were compiled into a 1 page PDF to have printed by the computer screen for a friendly reminder when actually developing code. I think these suggested rules can also be very helpful in refactoring a legacy procedure based code base into a more usable OO approach.

Anonymous at 11:02 on 21 Dec 2012

Good listing of best practice coding principles!

Great summary. Still a long way to go for me.

Great job, well said. I've worked on so many projects with bad code!

Overall interesting and to the point, covers a broad spectrum which most likely includes every developer in some way.

Great job. Really good information and great examples. It's good to show the bad code and then how it can be refactored into better code.

Eye-opening talk. The speaker was talking extremely clearly, with great slides and awesome points. Some things was really hard to grasp but oh so true when I saw the very well chosen examples!

Great talk. It's the second time I see it, and it still gave me things I need to think about while coding.

+ Effective slides, simple, clear
+ The codes were the crux of this talk, GOOD color usage for the codes
+ Good voice tone and speed
+ Examples were logical

Good talk!

As usual, an AWESOME talk! Very well presented with awesome examples. I really don't have any criticisms that I could give (it's that good of a talk)... Well done!

thanks, i hear you now

I loved it *again*. Good to be reminded every once in a while of these topics.

Nice, thank you.

Great slides, great organization, great controversial talk. Thought I'd give you 5 stars if you're weren't Brazilian. ;-)

Great coverage of an important topic. Nice work!

Great talk, I have read the slides multiple times and shared them with co-workers. But getting the verbal was great.

One small correction is in the first example. Using $rawProduct in the new method/function, when it is passed in as just $product. Not a big deal, just trying to help proofread. :-P

This was the main talk I wanted to hear when signing up. I am interested in the others as well, but this was the draw for me.

Excellent Excellent talk Rafael. I will definitely apply these rules moving forward.

Great talk, good coverage of the subject, good visuals, good pacing, earned 5 thumbs

Awesome Talk! Great use of code examples

Absolutely phenomenal presentation about code refactoring. There were plenty of solid examples to show how to refactor horrible code into simple, elegant, and reusable methods. Awesome!

Fantastic talk, and as others noted the pacing was great. Rafael is really good at this live online conference format.

Anonymous at 11:18 on 21 Dec 2012

Very very good!

I thought it was a great talk. I found it hard to remember the original code as the revisions are shown. I will watch the recordings to see it again, but live it might be nice to have a little before and after view (ala the optometrist).

Excellent talk. Generated some excellent conversation in the office party. This will be something we review time and time again, and try to teach to others.

This was very helpful! I had never heard of the rule that says no more than 1 indent per function... well done, Rafael!

Great pace and excellent presentation.

Great presentation. I haven't been a fan of getting rid of things like "else," but this presentation got me thinking differently. Very well done.

Anonymous at 12:31 on 21 Dec 2012

Great talk! Very understandable and lots of practical things to work on.

Super job! Well organized, lots of great take-aways, and applicable to current work for everyone: Every little bit helps, and you can help yourself by taking baby steps. Nice presentation.

Even better then last Wednesday

Excellent and Agreed!

Second time I've seen this one and still finding new things in it to work into my development. Great job Rafael

This was an excellent unpacking of discrete rules to constrain coding in such a way to expose faults and make software more readable.

Anonymous at 02:10 on 22 Dec 2012

Didn't manage to catch the whole talk live, so just finished it with the recording... Really great talk, expertly delivered along with a first class supporting slide-deck. I've waited for over a year to see this talk having discovered the slides as an absolute beginner and really wanted to hear the rationale behind it.

The talk gave me a 'way to think' when writing code, which is exactly what I needed and what I hoped I would get from it. Very pleased to have finally heard it!

Too bad this isn't made as a mandatory talk after a certain point in PHP career of every programmer out there. Great talk! I've really enjoyed it!

This talk was definitely the most beneficial for me. I'm working to implement these tips in my code as soon as possible.

Very good talk. I will try to start implementing these methods in my future code.