Talk comments

Chris at 11:40 on 26 Jun 2017

Interesting to learn about the background of Backdrop and see it in action.

Gabe Ormsby at 11:35 on 26 Jun 2017

Great "meta" topic, and I hope the insights and discussion help keep this and other conferences energized.

Gabe Ormsby at 11:33 on 26 Jun 2017

Excellent overview of the challenges of deployment and how ansible (and the wider ansible ecosystem) can address them. Tess has thought through all the big issues and the little details and found solutions to address them. The presentation is well structured, entertaining and easy to follow, yet comprehensive and detailed. I'll be putting her ideas and approaches into discussion for our own Drupal projects. Highly recommended.

Gabe Ormsby at 11:29 on 26 Jun 2017

This was a great presentation that rolls up all the pieces for addressing a common problem for site builders. I'm glad there's the accompanying blog post, because the presentation covered a lot of ground and occasionally went a bit fast for me to follow. I feel like I caught the high points, though, and got a lot out of the presentation.

Gabe Ormsby at 11:25 on 26 Jun 2017

A great collection of tips for managing time and attention. I had expected perhaps some more structured approaches or frameworks for productivity, but some of that was emergent from the following discussion.

Gabe Ormsby at 11:19 on 26 Jun 2017

This was another "ambitious" presentation that just squeezed into the time allotted. It helped me better 'grok' how Drupal 8 code fit into OO patterns and will be helpful setting me up for moving some legacy code into D8 structures. One improvement would be to start with a quick tour of the full module directory to orient the audience to the overall structure before diving into specific directories and files. Also, if this presentation site will be used in this format again, I'd suggest bumping the type size up a bit, or zooming.

Gabe Ormsby at 11:13 on 26 Jun 2017

Excellent, well-structured overview to a rich topic. There was a lot of material presented and it went quickly, but the structure left me confident that I could sit back when needed to get the big picture and that I'd be able to "find my place" in the presentation materials later at my leisure.

Gabe Ormsby at 11:09 on 26 Jun 2017

Great overview of migrations and a sound footing for diving into the work. I have been through a move with the Migration module already (D6 > D7), but the review was helpful, and tips like using Drupal console and the yaml syntax option for config are great additional takeaways. Thank you!

Gabe Ormsby at 11:04 on 26 Jun 2017

This was an important topic and an ambitious undertaking to tackle it. I got a lot of helpful info and directions for further investigations from the presentation. One suggestion about approach: The topic is a big one, with a lot of material about different layout approaches, perhaps more than the hour allows for. Instead of the more demo-oriented parts (whether live or recorded), consider working through a matrix of assessments, pros and cons of each layout tool, and whether/how they can be considered competing/exclusive or complementary with other approaches (e.g. What Panels offers over core tools; should you use it together with or instead of core blocks.)

That said, this presentation was very helpful for me as I move into planning a move into Drupal 8.

Gabe Ormsby at 10:58 on 26 Jun 2017

Great topic, material, and presentation. I really have nothing to suggest for improvement. I wish I had made it to the related BOF, but camp topics provided tough competition. Thank you for bringing an important perspective to our Camp!