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Overall, a very valuable conference, superbly organized... and the sponsoring vendors treated attendees extremely graciously!

One comment regarding the session schedule... it would be nice to have drinks (coffee, sodas, water bottles) available throughout the mornings and afternoons rather than only during the "breaks"... seems unnecessary to have the restriction.

Participant schedules in/on the name tag pendants is a great idea, but would have liked the ability to grab .ics appointment files for the sessions I planned to attend (the mobile app didn't work for my ancient Blackberry :-).

One other suggestion for future conferences... build a BOF list in the web site, and allow people to "sign-up," if informally, for those... so the organizers have some idea as to magnitude of interest, and potential attendees can see what may be offered far enough in advance to schedule appropriately and possibly even to communicate with others in advance, as well.

Over all the conference was good.