Talk comments

It would be great to get an assessment on how the career banding program is working since its inception.

I found this presentation to be the most potentially important one of the entire conference. Hearing about the process for establishing a rational and comprehensive IT governance process was both exciting and inspiring - and something that I suspect is all too lacking in many places. I hope to take some of the ideas and techniques presented back to my campus for a (hopefully forthcoming) process of our own.

Good discussion, along with a nice mix of the technical and more structurally-oriented pieces of a Drupal deployment. Also was great to hear of the collaborations that occur in this incipient Drupal community.

Great session, hearing about the CIOs' views regarding collaboration, particularly on the "business" end of things. I was particularly heartened also to hear of significant willingness and some serious support (among both the CIO Council and audience) for resurrecting an academically-oriented collaboration framework, ala the Teaching and Learning with Technology Collaborative.

This was a nice introduction to applying instructional design principles to training workshops. I wondered, though, about whether such a heavily customized constructivist approach can work with high-demand workshops... even whether appropriate, when a major goal of a particular workshop is to familiarize participants with the capabilities and tools of a particular package or service... maybe leaving the more customized approach for later, more tightly targeted, more advanced workshops. I don't know if we could devote so much individualized attention, at the more introductory participant levels, to high-demand workshops with a limited staff

Great information, even inspiring! Hope to mount a similar effort at our institution...

I thought this was the best presentation of the entire conference. Bethany knew her material and delivered a tight presentation. The material was new and exciting.
great job Bethany!

Anonymous at 08:58 on 7 Nov 2011

The idea has a lot of potential and I liked the list of applications that were suggested, but felt that overall the ideas were rehashes of information that is already well known. I was hoping for some more innovative uses.

More practice with the apps using the conf. location would have made the presentation better allowing for fewer software mishaps and a more relaxed 2nd presenter.