On the 5th, you will spend a day at the beautiful Brighton Dome venue taking part in an inspirational celebration of excellence in user experience, design, and development on the iOS platform and beyond. With inspiring keynotes, short "tech-beats", and panel discussions we will start conversations and explore questions about platforms, tools, and technologies. We hope this intense, passionate roller-coaster ride through the present and future of our mobile world will leave you inspired, excited, and eager to go forth and make beautiful things, and give you an even better appreciation for the important that role we play as the makers of the new everyday things.

We also hope that after the inspirational conference day, you will be eager to get your hands dirty and take part in one of the handful of hands-on workshops we have planned for the second and third days. (In case you weren't keeping count, I managed to say "hand" three times in that sentence.)
The workshop topics range from iOS Design to HTML5 and even onto quite specialised areas in native iOS development like Core Animation, Core Data, and OpenGL ES. Each of the workshops is taught by a leading, world-famous designer or developer.