vueday 2023 is the 5th edition of the Vue conference, from the GrUSP Team - organizer of events like jsday.

Friday 10th November 2023

09:50 A New Nuxt
Talk by Daniel Roe (40 minutes)

As we approach the one-year mark since the release of Nuxt 3, let's take a journey through the past, present, and future of Nuxt and the broader ecosystem. We'll reflect on the progress we've made since Nuxt 3 was released and think about what's coming next.

Unleashing the Power of AI: Integrating Tiptap, OpenAI, and Vue.js
Talk by Vanessa Otto (40 minutes)

In this session, you'll discover the seamless integration of AI-powered actions on websites. We will unveil the groundbreaking combination of Tiptap, OpenAI, and Vue.js, empowering you to create a feature-rich Rich Text Editor. Learn practical techniques for precise and targeted actions, including text translation, tone modification, and seamless adjustments within the widely adopted headless editor. Gain insights into privacy considerations, performance optimization, and delivering an exceptional user experience. Elevate productivity to new heights with AI-augmented text editing.

7 ways to make your Vue unit tests better
Talk by Natalia Tepluhina (40 minutes)

Unit testing is hard. Unit testing Vue components is even harder. In this talk, I want to share some good testing practices developed over the years of my Vue experience. I hope they will help you improve your unit tests - or help you start writing them if you never did so!

You’re probably using Lighthouse wrong: How we misuse most common tool to measure web performance?
Talk by Filip Rakowski (40 minutes)

These days web performance is one of the most important things everyone wants to optimize on their apps, and it's clear to everyone how dramatic the impact of a poorly optimized website is on business. Yet we as an industry completely fail in recognizing its complexity and widely misuse the most common tool to measure it — Google Lighthouse. If you’re one of those people thinking that good performance equals a good Lighthouse score, you’ve also fallen into this trap and this talk is for you. You will learn when the Google Lighthouse audit results can trick you and how to make good decisions based on its output.

14:40 Efficiency by Design: Building Complex Dashboards with Vue and Reusable Components
Talk by Anna Vovchenko (40 minutes)

Let's dive into the art of visualizing complex data with Vue! On a real-world example, a Kubernetes cluster dashboard, we'll cover the best practices of designing and implementing a dashboard in an efficient and iterative way. We'll see how reusable components will come in handy, saving developers time and effort while ensuring the code is clean and maintainable. We'll explore the safe usage of 3rd party APIs, mastering the art of managing the data they return. Join us as we master the techniques of building dynamic dashboards, which present data in a visually engaging way.

15:20 A multisite Vue3 application for a multitenant enviromnent: a survival guide
Talk by marco zuccaroli (40 minutes)

Multiple backends with multiple tenants, multiple client applications with multiple assets, in a multilanguage environment. One application to rule them all, One application to handle them, One application to bring them all and from a single codebase deploy them... With Vue3 Vite and Pinia.

Streamlined composable forms with vee-validate
Talk by Abdelrahman Awad (40 minutes)

We'll delve into Vee-Validate's comprehensive toolkit that goes beyond traditional validation. You'll learn how to effortlessly construct complex forms, leveraging Vee-Validate's intuitive composition API and utilities to streamline your development process. We'll focus on practical examples to showcase Vee-Validate's versatility, including conditional form rendering, custom input formats, and dynamic field interactions. By understanding these features, you can enhance user experiences and make your forms more engaging and user-friendly.

17:10 Quasar: come for the UI library, stay for the integrations
Talk by Paolo Caleffi (40 minutes)

Either if you're a newcomer, just starting your trip in the JS frameworks nebula, or an experienced adventurer, showing off your IE6-era and JQuery scars, look no further: Quasar is probably the star you've been searching all along, the shiniest of the whole sky! You can stop by a couple times, just to dip your toes, using the beautiful and flexible UI library based on Material Design, via CDN or Vue CLI plugin. But we are sure we'll see you around again soon, once you find out you only need one command of the Quasar CLI to setup PWA support, SSR mode, Cordova/Capacitor integration, Electron integration and BEX (Browser EXtensions) development kit. Are you already thinking about settling here? Then you'll need a bit more stability! Here, take the constantly improving first party TypeScript support, plus Jest, Vitest and Cypress integrations. I know, it's a lot to digest in just a couple sentences... Ok then, let me be your guide today, I'll show you around. Ready to go? Jump in my spaceship and let's get going!