A startup story: Sending a billion text messages


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Great keynote. Fun, engaging, crazy and the wonders of start up success.

Great keynote. The humor along with the compelling story made this a fun and informative session.

Anonymous at 23:31 on 18 Sep 2013

Thanks for telling your story. It was awesome.

Well done -- humourous and engaging keynote!

Anonymous at 07:10 on 19 Sep 2013

This keynote was the most interesting and engaging (and most fun) of the week. Thank you for telling it.

Excellent talk with a very engaging story!

It was a good story, and a nice complement to a lot of the technical sessions. It was fun to think about and be inspired to continue hacking away on crazy side projects.

This definitely felt like a keynote. By far the most engaging and interesting talk.

Anonymous at 18:03 on 19 Sep 2013

Great Talk, most interesting and fun talk of the whole conference.

Great storytelling and material. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

A really fun keynote that felt like a uncon session. Indeed the best talk of the conference, hypothetically..

Evan's talk was excellent, one of the most impressive stories I have heard in my entire career. Even after going through several startups, and multiple software company acquisitions, this is my favorite success story of all time -- and I learned a lot from it.