Building high performance websites


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Very interesting to see this unique strategy for making you web application perform great without even having to depend on things like Varnish and ESI. Stefan and Arne also presented in a very fun and engaging style.

I found this talk very interesting, in taking the typical architecture and turning it upside down. I learned about a few new things as well, such as Edge Side Includes and applying a reverse proxy. It gave me a few ideas to bring to my team to see if we might be able to leverage them. Arne and Stefan's delivery was also good -- I enjoyed their banter and quasi-arguing.

Anonymous at 07:05 on 19 Sep 2013

I appreciated the levity in the back and forth canned comedy script of the presenters. Not only was there a definition of the problems but also an approach and possible products to help solve the problems.

The content was great! I felt the pace was a little too slow though, and it was hard to hear what the speakers were saying at times. The back-and-forth-style comedy was a potentially good idea, but it needed a little more animation and sarcasm to be convincing.