Increase Code Quality with Code Reviews


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Great information that I can use with my team as soon as I get back to the office.

Very great information, tips, and strategies with regards to how to handle and implement code reviews with your team. It is clear David is speaking from a lot of experience on the topic.

David shared his experience and findings in using code reviews effectively (as well as what not to do). I took away numerous points I want to share with my team. Very useful!

I enjoyed the talk because I didn't know that there were tools to help facilitate the code review process. I think it would have been helpful to see some screenshots or demos of tools, because I couldn't quite visualize what David was talking about.

I'm glad to see more IT people grasping the concept that people are writing code and the emotional aspect of working together is key to creating great teams.

@Chris - Thanks for the feedback. That's very helpful and something I can do to improve the talk for next time.