Talk comments

PC at 22:47 on 2 Sep 2017

Great fun, even if the weather wasn't that good at the beginning. Only the lunch was a little bit chaotic as not everyone had a table to eat.

PC at 18:38 on 1 Sep 2017

Very interesting topic, but the beginning was a bit difficult. There was no introduction about the speaker or the topic, and the first steps were handled too fast (checking out new files, adding new filters modifications). the tasks at the end were interesting and made some real hands on possible.

PC at 18:36 on 1 Sep 2017

Made me think about my own handling with the lifelong learning process :)

PC at 13:55 on 1 Sep 2017

Great talk as usual from Ryan! The topic itself was introduced perfectly, there was time for questions, the slides contained every needed informations!

PC at 16:59 on 31 Aug 2017

Really good workshop, especially the "pen and paper" at the beginning and the further readings/pull requests given to us at the end. The implementing of the tests in the last moments was a little bit too fast as the workshop time shrinked. That part was more a live coding session instead of a workshop :)

This talk requires your full attention, and some OOP competence. Actually, a hell of a lot of OOP comfort. Newbies would not be able to absorb this content easily, and even veterans usually have trouble understanding FP concepts. However, with the exercises, explanations, and followup questions, Marcello made sure everyone was involved, thereby enforcing a high percentage of understanding among the attendees.

Marcello is a brilliant, strict, and experienced educator, and one whose future talks I certainly won't be missing. Thank you!

PC at 12:33 on 31 Aug 2017

The introduction was a bit hard, there were too much topics and further topics in short time :) but the speaker was very good prepared and made an excellent talk. maybe adding metaphers/programming offside examples/real life examples for algebric data types would help in explaining the types. the exercises themself were good prepared and supported by the speaker.

PC at 17:01 on 30 Aug 2017

topic would has been interesting, but presentation itself wasn't that good. speakers spoke too fast - even after indicate the problem to them - and monotone. got better after the coffee break, but too late to be on track with the topic. tasks were mostly just copying parts from one file to another, no time to think about the tasks for your self. changing git branches resulted in doing things more than once (copying secrets, ...) and there were no hints in the slides for having to do that.

Anonymous at 16:25 on 30 Aug 2017

Well prepared & delivered. Very good speakers. I have learned what Middleware is!

PC at 15:18 on 30 Aug 2017

Good moderation and really good prepared. Got more insight on how and why to use Middleware. Was fun to work :)