In this talk, we’ll explore the connections between the programs we write, the languages we work in, and the paradigms we use.


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Excellent talk!

Lucija Frkovic at 11:05 on 6 Oct 2017

Nice :)

Marko Janda at 11:05 on 6 Oct 2017

Awesome talk, very educational

Pero Peric at 11:13 on 6 Oct 2017

Great presentation!

Great talk, very inspiring and fun :)

Petra Pavlovic at 12:07 on 6 Oct 2017

Excellent talk ?

Great talk. :)

Sara Miličić at 12:13 on 6 Oct 2017

Interesting ?

Ivan Čurić at 12:16 on 6 Oct 2017

Amazing and insightful talk on a particularly heated topic. ❤️

Željko Brkić at 12:16 on 6 Oct 2017


Great, educational talk!

Janko Marohnic at 12:56 on 6 Oct 2017

Great talk

Dainius Stanko at 12:59 on 6 Oct 2017

Great talk!
Learned a lot.

Easy to understand introduction to programming paradigms. I’ve been programming for a few years and was really missing this piece of knowledge.

The talk was really great and she definitely is very good at speaking. Overall the talk was maybe a little bit to abstract for me, buts that the only little negative thing for me.

Eye-opening talk. The speaker has a great way to ease the listener into the topic and introduces the audience to a lot of sources (books, links) to make later research easier. She also has an interesting life store. Really looking forward to rewatching the talk once the video is on YouTube.

Stjepan Zlodi at 14:48 on 7 Oct 2017

great talk

Barbara Eržen at 17:43 on 7 Oct 2017

Great but a bit too long.

Emil Nahal at 01:11 on 8 Oct 2017

To the point!

Saša Jurić at 22:32 on 8 Oct 2017

This was a really well presented talk. I liked the flow of the narrative, nice explanations of different paradigms, and the main point conveyed by the talk. The talk made me question and reconsider my own view of different paradigms, and OO in particular.

Very inspiring

A very nice walk through some fundamentals of software development.

Interesting presentation