Headless architecture has the potential to deliver faster, flexible, and personalized experiences across multiple channels and platforms.


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Very cool talk. ??

Great talk.

Pim Elshoff at 18:37 on 5 Oct 2018

Very good talk and always nice when it's based on your own experience over theory. I thought the slide deck was really, *really* good, but it takes the attention away from you. If your story stays ahead of the deck, and the deck summarizes, then the attention is solely on you, except when you direct it to the deck. So for a 5/5, stay ahead of the slides and keep my attention on your story.

Matej Ba?o at 21:40 on 5 Oct 2018

Great talk.

Srdjan Vucic at 11:32 on 6 Oct 2018


Saša Jurić at 16:52 on 11 Oct 2018

Felt a bit basic for my taste, but otherwise good delivery and a well organized talk.