Talk comments

**I'm posting this a a team-member for this team so the rating is different from what I have the others. I'd put us at four stars if I look at it from the outside.

I very mucht enjoyed being dropped in a team of four, with three nationalities between us. It took all of 30 minutes to become a team, choose a name and decide on a project - I've seen people take longer to decide what to have for lunch! You guys where great to work with :-)

Our coach, Mike van Riel, did an excellent job of "nudging" us whenever we veered off course, and showing us some great best-practices with regards to set-up and execution of a project. I learned a lot. Plus I also very much enjoyed his in-depth insights when it came to code. So a special thanks to Mike.

I think the team picked a very large target, and as such didn't have the wow-effect in their presentation. But I also got the feeling they went with unknown technology on purpose to learn from it - and so perhaps internally they got a lot more that we could see from the outside. I do hope they continue their project, a good meetup alternative would be n-i-c-e!

Offline games are a good idea, but perhaps there should be some kind of preference poll beforehand so people don't carry around 11 kg pokersets for nothing ;-) Still a must-have though.

A BBQ is always nice, but I didn't feel it was a required part of the whole experience. I might be biased as I was stil busy coding and not so much into the BBQ mood...

This was a very interesting exercise, because we did not do it with the teams picked for the week. Suddenly, after two days, we where building stuff with - and competeing against - different people.

There was additional value in that and it **should** be part of WeCamp in my opinion!

I really liked the idea this team had - I could see it work in production and I'm sure they where on the right track in releasing the simple tool they had and waiting for the community to start building wacky things with it.
They seem to have built a pretty complete product with a pretty good presentation.

I was thoroughly impressed with the way this team went through every motion. From the project choice, to the progress made, to having the time to prepare for their presentation. From the confidence displayed to the force of having a shared vision. Also: the coach ;-)

If this team could have done better, I didn't see it. Excellent job!

Good food, good beer (Codebrew ftw) & good conversation.

Thanks Enrise!

We had so much fun doing this event!

Our host was wonderful, the tasks were challenging and we got to see people floundering on self-built rafts. What more could you ask for?

Thank you Pragmatist!

Should really be named 'Cards against Humanity night' - there were others available but who can resist the opportunity to play this most offensive of games?