F as in Failure


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Excellent keynote, great speaker

Josh is an excellent speaker. It's good to hear someone giving us permission to fail as long as we learn from it!

Nicely paced informal start. Set the tone nicely.

Anonymous at 08:42 on 14 Apr 2012

Nice informal start. Gentle lead in to the conference

A thoroughly enjoyable start to the day and some valuable lessons to be learnt.

A great opening to the event from a wonderfully engaging speaker!

Brilliant motivational talks by a very experienced speaker. I always enjoy watching Josh in action because its more than just the talk, it about the all-round performance.

Good job, keep it up !

Brilliant, just brilliant. I feel way better about my failures now! :-)

Very well delivered. The topic didn't appeal to me that much though.

It was a good opening speech for the conference! Motivational speech which was not expected in this sort of conference however kudos for sharing it with us as it is something people in our area need.

Anonymous at 14:11 on 14 Apr 2012

Really excellent start to the day

Anonymous at 15:17 on 14 Apr 2012

Like other have said, a really good kick-off for the conference. Good content, presented well.

Anonymous at 11:11 on 16 Apr 2012

Great start to the day, really motivational. Didn't make day two but spent the time getting one of my projects off the ground; much of that was down to Josh's talk.

Anonymous at 14:11 on 16 Apr 2012

This is the first time I've seen Josh talk but he's obviously very experienced and has a really natural and engaging style.

The substance of the talk is probably something most people already know but it's definitely something that benefits from repetition, especially when it's as well presented as this.

Set the tone well for the day, following speakers kept referencing back to it which provided a nice thread through the talks. Hearing real life experience is great too, especially when it's not about how amazing the speaker is but how they're another human being too. That said, I felt like it could have been tighter and directed - I needed a bit more energy first thing in the morning. Minor point though, very enjoyable.

Really enjoyed this talk to remind us that we are the sum of our experiences and sometimes we need to learn the hard way - and that's okay. Nice and calm for first thing in the morning, and I loved the stories. For me it could have done with more of a "next steps after failure" message, to send us on our way to the next great thing.